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About Us

About Us

Our contractors have long drywall experience in California and offer full drywall repair services. We promise efficiency, proper drywall installation and removal, and immediate repairs. We patch big holes and take care of small ones with immediate and excellent blemish repair.

Address: Forest Glen Dr
Hacienda Heights, California
Zip code: 91745
Phone: 626-639-0346

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We are excellent home drywall repair experts and have the expertise to also install tiles and repair ceiling problems efficaciously

You have many reasons for choosing “Drywall Repair Hacienda Heights”. We are not just another company, which installs and repairs drywalls. We are a company which is dedicated to the true needs of its clients. We have a team, which can be useful whether you need drywall removal or have mold problems. We are contractors that care to provide recommendations when you are thinking of remodeling your home. We are the company for you.

The great thing about us is that we don't only repair and install drywalls but also tiles. So, anytime you want ceiling repair or desire to replace the tiles of your kitchen, we are the contractors you can trust. Are you wondering why to choose us?

* We have vast tile and drywall experience

* We don't make a mess when we remove walls, ceilings and paint and always clean up after our work

* We offer full tile and drywall services

* We are punctual, reliable and skilled

Do you want to discover the whole scope of our services? Why don't you call our number at 626-639-0346?

Rely on our experience for drywall and tile services

Do you want water damaged Sheetrock repair? Did one of your bathroom tiles break? We are masters in repair services because Drywall Repair Hacienda Heights has master technicians. Every single technician of our team has great knowledge of the right techniques and a long experience. We remove, replace, install and fix drywalls with great attention and efficiency. We always cover your floors with plastic before popcorn ceiling removal or when we are painting the walls and use high quality, green coatings.

We are ace technicians in tile repairs, replacement and installation and knowledgeable of tiles made of any material. If you have trouble with your shower floor tiles or want to make changes in your house or office, we are the technicians for the job. Apart from our expert technical knowledge, we can also help you when planning drywall home remodel or want to replace the existing tile floor. Your job is to take decisions for your house and we can make your job easier.

Call us for more information! Contact our teams when you want our professional opinion or need to know more about our company. We can answer all questions! Email your needs today!

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