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Common Drywall Problems

Common Drywall Problems
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Problems are not always apparent. Textured paint covers all possible defects and it's hard to see what's lying underneath. Some issues might be long-term and affect your whole life and some are easy and solved with a small amount of spackling. The point is to handle issues as fast as you can. Trivial problems might just ruin the looks of your house but major ones might endanger your safety.

Common Drywall ProblemsIdentifying the problem is not always easy. If you create nail holes on the wall, you certainly know about it and you can cover these tiny holes easily with spackle. Once the material is dried, it's best to paint it over for perfect results. These are easy problems. Even if the hole is bigger, you can still get an additional piece or call a professional for drywall repair and patchwork. You should be happy as long as the problem is obvious. The real trouble begins when problems are hidden behind furniture or the mold signs are too small to distinguish them. 

Drywall issues differ and so the solutions

Mold drywall is a usual phenomenon. When the drywall is exposed to moisture and not treated immediately, mold will grow and spread very quickly. Since mold is one of the greatest enemies of our health, it's best to deal with it right away. If you worry about your safety, you must also check whether your drywall is made in China. In this case, you should consider drywall removal. Drywalls manufactured in China contain high amounts of chemicals, which are really harmful to the human organism. These can be long-term problems. They will sicken your house and your family and that's why you should keep your mind and take measures the minute you discover problematic drywalls.

Though, long-term drywall issues are not always threatening. Damaged edges, for example, would just need repairs. In most cases, you can just remove the problematic part of the drywall and replace it with a new one. You will just have to screw it on the studs, sand the sections and finish painting it with the same color as the rest of the drywall. You should pay more attention to ceilings especially if you want them insulated. Excessive weight from the insulation materials and high humidity will make the ceiling sag and that won't look good or be safe. The good news is that all problems can be fixed and there are always cost-effective solutions.

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